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Series Selection
Economy Series
Elite Series
Trailer Size
4'x6' single axle
4'x8' single axle
5'x8' single axle
5'x10' single axle
6'x10' single axle
6'x12' single axle
6'x14' single axle
7'x10' single axle
7'x12' single axle
6'x12' tandem axle
6'x14' tandem axle
7'x10' tandem axle
7'x12' tandem axle
7'x14' tandem axle
7'x16' tandem axle
7'x18' tandem axle
8'x12' tandem axle
8'x14' tandem axle
8'x16' tandem axle
8'x18' tandem axle
8'x20' tandem axle
8'x24' tandem axle
8.5'x16' tandem axle
8.5'x20' tandem axle
8.5'x24' tandem axle
8.5'x28' tandem axle
8.5'x32' tandem axle
8.5'x24' tandem axle gooseneck
8.5'x28' tandem axle gooseneck
8.5'x32' tandem axle gooseneck
8.5'x36' tandem axle gooseneck
8.5'x38' tandem axle gooseneck
8.5'x40'-48" tandem axle gooseneck

Structural Upgrades
To 16” O.C. Roof Bows
To 16” O.C. Floor Cross members
To 12” O.C. Floor Cross members
Additional Wall Height In 6” Increments
V-Nose Front w/ATP Trim
Slant V-Nose Front w/ATP Trim
60” Extended Tongue
Tie Down & Stabilizers
Caster Wheels
Fold Down Stabilizer Jacks
Wall Mount D-Rings
Floor Mount D-Rings
Removable Motorcycle Chock
Flush Mount E-Track for Sidewalls
Flush Mount E-Track For Floor
Aluminum Ladder Rack
Axle Upgrades
3500 lb Torsion w/Brake
5200 lb Spring w/Brake
5200 lb Torsion w/Brake
7000 lb Spring w/Brake
7000 lb Torsion w/Brake
Triple Axle Upgrade 5200 lb or 7000 lb
Tires & Wheel Upgrades
Std. Spare-15” 205 Bias Tire w/White or Silver Spoke
Spare-Radial-205/65 w/Std White or Silver Spoke
Spare-Radial-225/75 w/Std White or Silver Spoke
Spare-Radial-235/85 w/Std White or Silver Spoke
Upgrade to Star Mag Rim w/Bias 15” Tires
Upgrade to Star Mag Rims w/Radial Tires 15” Tires
Spare Tire Rack Tongue or Interior Wall Mount
Rear Boggie Wheels
Doors, Windows & Cabinets
Medium Duty Spring Assisted Ramp Door w/Flap
Heavy Duty Spring Assisted Ramp Door w/Flap
Side Door If Not Std.
Bar Lock On Side Door
Generator Box on Tongue (Will Require Extended Tongue)
Windows 30”x15” or 30”x30” Oval
Concession Doors (With or Without slider Windows)
54” Escape Hatch Door (For Car Haulers)
48” Ramp Door Built into V-Nose (Snowmobile Door)
Cabinets Designed For Concession and other Trailers
Vents & Air Conditioning
Non-Powered Roof Vents
Solar Powered Roof vent
2-way Sidewall Vents-Aluminum
Air conditioning Package (Can be done to your Needs)
Interior Upgrades
Black & White Checkered Tile (Floor)
(ATP) Aluminum Diamond Tread Plate (Floor)
(RTP) Black Rubber Tread Plate (Floor)
Floor Covering on Ramp (Tile,ATP,RTP)
White Metal on Walls
White Metal on Ceiling
White Vinyl on Walls
White Vinyl on Ceiling
Raw Luan (Wood) on Ceiling
Wall Insulation
Ceiling Insulation
Exterior Upgrades
Colored Exterior Metal (See Color Chart in Specialty Section)
24” Anodized Plate on sides & Rear
24” (ATP) Aluminum Tread Plate on Sides & Rear
24” Black (ATP) on Sides & Rear
24” Colored Metal on Sides & Rear
Anodized Front Corners
ATP Exterior Fenders
Screwless Exterior
Round Top w/9” Additional Height on Flat Front
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